Blending Board Fun: Making Roving

Layered fiber on my blending board

Spinners seem to be excited about blending boards again, those perfect rolags and mini batts are irresistable.  I know I’ve been playing with mine after about a year of not even thinking about it much. I have a cherry Clemes and Clemes blending board that works perfectly every time.

I’ve been making smooth rolags, mini crazy batts with tons of add ins, and roving. Roving from a blending board? Yes, and it’s so quick.

It’s best to use a smoother type of fiber mixture when pulling roving off of a blending board. Noils, and sari silk threads are ok, but big lucious dyed locks don’t work as well.


For this roving I used some dyed Corriedale, bamboo, sari silk threads, and some sparkle.

I put my fibers on in thin layers and didn’t pack them as densely as I do when I’m rolling off rolags.

Once I’m done loading my board up, I start at one corner with a diz or a button, or a needle gauge, and start dizzing across the board, back and forth. I go slowly, pulling the fiber and pushing the diz back down. I go slowly, pulling the fiber with staple lengths in mind, so I don’t get breaks in the roving.

Dizzed roving, ready to spin.


When I get to the top of the board, I wind my roving into a little nest, and start the process again.

Do you diz off of your blending board?

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