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Sewing Needles Reveal the Roots of Fashion.

Not only were they used to sew seams, but also to provide embellishment.

(Photo: F. d’Errico/L. Doyon) [via JM]

This article explores the research of Elisabetta Matsumoto.

She looks into how different stitch types determine the stretch and shape of knitted items. Not only is it useful traditional knitting but also for material science.

(Photo: “Topological defects in the square can shape the (a) out-of-plane and (b) in-plane deformations of knitted textiles.” Elisabetta Matsumoto)

The Great Women Project Revives The Philippine Weaving Industry.

The textile and garment industry in the Philippines is almost non existent. This project aims to provide a sustainable livelihood to local weavers.

(Photo: Great Women Project)

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