Every Class Needs a Baby

Teaching with a special guest. Photo by Emily W.

Saturday I taught a Colorplay class for a fantastic group of women at the Kalamazoo Fiber & Dye Studio. We had a fun time and spun a ton of dyed fiber.

We had a very special guest in class, Baby H, you can see him between the Matchless and the Lendrum. He’s the best baby and cast quite a spell on the class. He was there smiling and cooing at everyone, and showing off his rolling over skills. He nursed and took a a nap with his bum waving in the air. It was lovely to have him there.

It made me think about when spinning was a part of women’s every day, a have to, not a hobby. I like to imagine that sometimes they would gather with their babies and enjoy each other’s company (and children) for a bit while they got their work done.


I am, in fact, not singing opera in that photo, but it hilariously looks like I could be a Valkyrie. I’m sure I I was emphatically making a point about sampling!

I am busy packing for PLY Away, i hope to see some of you there!

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