How Do You Store Your Tools?

My latest tools, how do I store them?
My latest tools, how do I store them?

How do you store your spinning tools? I’m having trouble figuring out where and how to store my middle-sized tools.

I’m good with my little tools, they live in my spin kit. My big tools like wheels, and my drum carder have their own space. But what about hand cards, combs, hackles, little looms, kates, and storage bobbins not in use?

Those tools can fit in a lot of different places. Mine are scattered all around. Combs and hackles I have stored out of the way because, ouch.


Most other things are scattered around with no rhyme or reason. I want to figure out a way to organize them, so I can always find them when I need them. Do I organize like with like, or keep my favorites together?

Tell me all of you spinners who are more organized than I am, how to you organize your tools?


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5 thoughts on “How Do You Store Your Tools?

  1. bittenbyknittin

    I store some of my fiber tools in stackable plastic drawers (think Sterilite). Things like heddles stand on end in cloth drawers (made for nine-drawer cube shelving). On my work table, I have several small baskets. It’s a real conglomerate of half-baked solutions. I hope more people post here, because I would really like some fresh ideas.

  2. Johanna

    Semi-organized and not horrid looking baskets that live on some shelves in my loft.
    And a storage ottoman for awkward sized and shaped stuff.

  3. romney marsh

    I just don’t have that many tools. One wheel (Ashford Traveller). It has a built-in kate to hold bobbins. I only buy carded fibre and wind skeins round my arm. I even lost my threader and am using a crochet hook instead.

  4. Teresa Metts

    I have mine in a rolly drawer cart. It has a larger drawer on the bottom and smaller ones on top. Eventually I hope to have a nicer drawer cart, out of wood or such. I also have hackle and comb, blending board in there, spindles, tools, etc.

  5. Tiff R

    One neat one I have seen is using a peg board on the wall to hold everything. If you can find a nice peg board!

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