WWW: Giving toward the future

schacht schoolsCongratulations to The Monforton School in Bozeman, Montana and Hawlemont Regional Public School in Heath, Massachusetts (USA) for being recipients of this year’s Schacht Tools for Schools Grant! You can find out more about this program and other teacher resources at schachtspindle.com.

purl & loop wee weaverPurl & Loop has a new monthly program, Purl & Loop Weaving Project. Once a month, they will donate up to 25 Wee Weavers (4 sett) to a teacher or organization leader who can demonstrate how they will use these products to expand weaving to a population that might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in a fiber craft. You can find out more about this program at purlandloop.com.

photo of NICU baby, Liam, his mum, and a student who helped to knit the hatsStudents at Mark Twain Middle School & Edison High School (Fairfax County VA, USA) made and donated over 200 hats to Children’s National including to the NICU. Through the Tiny Hats Tiny Babies club, students in the middle school made about 215 hats for the babies and the high school students made about 70 hats for NICU babies. (Photo [by Amy Auburt of ABC7] of NICU baby Liam, his mum, and a middle school student.)

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