Here’s What I’m Doing About Those Bluprint Questions

My Craftsy/ Bluprint class
My Craftsy/ Bluprint class, it’s a good one!

Teachers who have classes on Craftsy, now Bluprint, got an email last week letting us know that when Bluprint switched over to a subscription model they made no provisions for students asking questions. They hoped that students would answer each others’ questions.

What really happened is that students asked teachers questions and posted photos of their projects and yarns, and they got no response. Questions and comments gathered for a year and last week the folks at Bluprint let us know about them, and found a way for us to see them. But had no way for us to answer them easily. To say we all freaked out is an understatement. There may have been bad words.

I am sorry, I wasn’t ignoring you!

I have a couple hundred questions, some teachers with multiple classes have thousands. If you look at the fine print for Bluprint as a subscriber it says that teachers may not answer their questions, but when you buy the class teachers are notified of questions and will answer. Teachers didn’t know that, and I’m not sure that most of our students did either.

Of course, I want to answer your questions and see your yarns, but what I am waiting for is Bluprint to come up with a way to easily work in the comments/questions section. Right now I can’t see the order that they came in or have any indication that a question has been answered.

Bluprint promises they are working on it. As soon as they give me a way to answer, you’ll hear back form me. Thank you for understanding!

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  1. Joan

    You, Knitty, and all the teachers at Bluprint are fine in my book:)! Stop worrying. It’s all good. It will sort itself out soon enough:)!

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