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Repair and Design Futures exhibit

Repair and Design Futures exhibitRepair and Design Futures is an exhibit at the RISD Museum (Providence, RI, USA) through June 30, 2019. It investigates mending as material intervention, metaphor, and as a call to action.

Sue Montgomery knitting - men & women talking in council meetingPerhaps you remember the train delays scarf earlier this year? Sue Montgomery, a city councilor and borough mayor in Montreal (Canada) decided track when men and women speak in city council meetings. As expected, this project has garnered attention. If you’re looking for additional ideas, I recommend Knit the Sky by Lea Redmond (reviewed by Jillian in Knitty, issue 54 Winter 2015).

weaving with flowersWhitney Crutchfield has a unique way of floral arranging, with weaving. [via Liz]

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