Clara & Her Wool Pillow

Down breed wool pillow fill
The Woolroom pillows

Do you follow Clara Parkes on Instagram? She is a font of knowledge for all things wool, and lately, all ways wool as used in everyday objects. It’s from her that I learned about All Birds shoes, which I love. I’ve never worn a silkier feeling pair of shoes. Did you know there are wool coffins? I guess we can take it with us! I also find them beautiful.

She wants everyone to use wool as much as they can. The more we use wool in the US or anywhere in the world, the more we need sheep. She wants people beyond spinners, knitters and all the fiber folk to discover how amazing and versatile wool is. An excellent way to do that is for us, the all ready wool-obsessed, to use it beyond our craft work.

My latest fascination via Clara are wool pillows.

The Woolroom in the UK has a whole range of wool bedding products, and they have pillows that are stuffed with 100% Down wools. If you don’t know about Down breeds, they are resistant to felting and crushing, they have mighty, mighty disorganized crimp and spring. The wools used in Woolroom products are superwash.

Down breed wool pillow fill

One of the genius things about wool pillows is getting the firmness right. If you find your pillow too firm, open it and take out some of the fiber, too soft, add fiber, too flat, open and fluff the wool. It’s so smart and logical, and uses a lot of wool, from breeds of sheep that aren’t Merino-level popular.

I, sadly, won’t be trying out the pillow anytime soon, though I’m following Clara’s adventures. My husband has developed an allergy to wool near his face.

If you try a wool pillow, or if you use wool bedding of any kind let me know what it’s like and how it’s different from feathers or poly fill.

This post is not a sponsored nor is it an affiliate post. I just think these pillows are cool. If you want to give them a try they are on sale now.

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7 thoughts on “Clara & Her Wool Pillow

  1. Lee

    I am a massive fan of the wool pillows and en even bigger fan of the wool duvets. No more sweaty sleep!

    All mine have come from the woolroom, I can absolutely recommend.

  2. Katie

    I have wool pillows and a wool mattress topper from Baavet (important for me because they use Welsh wool). The mattress topper in particular is brilliant, I have a foam mattress and I know when I sleep on them without a wool topper I often end up over heating.

  3. Kimberly Minard

    So I bought a wool pillow from The Wool Room. And I love it. I love that I can fluff it and it gets firmer. I’m a side sleeper and it’s just perfect. Two thumbs up.

  4. holly

    I got our wool pillows from Shepherd’s Dream. Their contour pillow did the trick for my spouse’s neck. You can’t take out (or add) stuffing as easily as with the Wool Room’s however. – that is a super nice feature. I just replaced my spouse’s pillow (after many years), so maybe it is time to replace mine…

  5. Penelope

    My partner and I bought two wool pillows from Aussie Wool Quilts ( at the Bendigo wool show ten years ago. Since then we have bought wool duvets and wool pillows for every bed in the house, and got the same company to custom-make bolsters for our day bed. We all use wool futon mattresses, too.

  6. bittenbyknittin

    I purchased a wool bed from the US company in 2014: mattress, mattress topper, two pillows, wool comforter. In winter, it is like sleeping in a wool sandwich, so comfy! I switch out the comforter in summer, but the bed is a bit warm, even with AC, so I turn the ceiling fan on low. Also, if your house is damp at all, the wool will also feel damp. (It’s how I discovered there was water in my crawl space.) I’m very satisfied with my bed, but it’s not for everyone.

  7. Amanda U

    We have several duvets from the woolroom. Excellent quality never had any problems. I find them to be very warm even for this North Yorkshire climate and so we use the summerweight year round. However we have the mid weight one as well that my daughter uses.

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