Tiny Crochet Hooks Are My Favorite

Tiny hooks
Tiny hooks


I don’t crochet, but I have a thing for teeny tiny crochet hooks, the one that are about the size of a pencil lead.

These two I found at a thrift store (50¢), my favorite place for all kinds of craft supplies, don’t ask what else I bought that day. One had a 10 on it the other a 07. I’m not sure what they are for, thread crochet, maybe? I find them at estate sales too.

I use these tiny hooks for two things mostly, and I would recommend having a stash of them, they go missing because, well, they are really tiny, and they break.



Tiny hook= diz happiness


I use them for cleaning tools, my hand cards, and spots on my drum carder and wheels that I can’t reach, and where a a pair of tweezers are awkward to maneuver.

What I love them for the most is to help with dizzing fiber. They are perfect for getting started,

I’m always fumbly getting the fist bit of fiber through the hole in the diz and these tiny hooks are perfect for snagging just a little bit of fiber and drawing it through.

For me it makes dizzing quicker, it’s the spinning equivalent of a needle threader, and anything that gets me to the spinning part faster is my friend.



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3 thoughts on “Tiny Crochet Hooks Are My Favorite

  1. Abby

    You are correct in your guess that these are used for thread crochet. There are some BEAUTIFUL doily patterns out there that use the tiniest thread. I always love finding creative uses for tools, though!

  2. Billie

    I inherited a lot of them and kept wondering why I didn’t ‘thrift’ them. Recently discovered they are also handy for threading the holes on a rigid heddle loom.

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