Latest Addition to My Spinning Kit: Light

I've always found my headlamps at REI
I’ve always found my headlamps at REI

Am I getting older or are the rooms we take classes in getting darker? Probably a little of both. The more I teach in rooms with few (or any) windows the more I crave light.

Instead of complaining about it, I’ve decided to combat it with an addition to my spinning kit. A headlamp.

So simple and easy. We have a bunch kicking around my house. We use them for camping. We’ve had them since the kids were little, they would wear them for various games of pretend and reading in bed. They are available lots of places, outdoor stores, on-line and the camping aisle of big box stores.

I don’t leave it turned on or wear it on my head in class, I don’t want to inadvertently shine my cyclops eye into the eyes of my students. I wear it around my neck or keep it in my apron pocket, and turn it on when I want to see color or detail in the yarn being spun.


Tiny USB lights I found at Staples


My friend Greg turned me on to another type of light for spinning. If you have an e-spinner and use a battery pack,get a USB light. Plugged into your battery pack, it gives a constant beam of light and keeps your battery on, no having to turn your battery back on after pausing a spin. Genius.

Let there be light!

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