Spinning at TNNA

Amy, Kate and I attended The National Needlework Association convention in Cleveland, Ohio a few weeks ago. This is the wholesale show where knitting shops go to buy for the fall season. I’m always on the lookout for spinning things. This year there seemed to be a little less spinning than in the past, but the show was smaller overall.





Of course, Schacht was there in full force, celebrating their 50th anniversary. I need to buy the 50th anniversary shuttle before they are all sold out!

Ashford was there too. I saw lots of demos of their newer e-spinner. I’ve tried it and it’s very, very, good. If you are in the market for an e-spinner, be sure to give this one a try before you make your decision.




Fiber Sprite Yarn Control Cards


A company new to me, Fiber Sprite, was there, They have fiber and the most adorable (and useful) yarn control cards that have a twist angle gauge on them too. Attention dyers and other skein lovers, they are working on an electric skein winder that breaks down and stores in a very small footprint.







The folks that bring me my core teaching fiber, DM Fibers, were there with new colors of two of my favorites, Corriedale and Merino/silk.







Frabjous Fibers


It always makes me so happy to stand in the Frabjous Fibers booth and marvel at all of their fiber in person. Sigh, I tried not to drool. If you’re taking a class with me in the next year, you’ll be spinning some of their new colors. I’m also adding different fibers and blends to my teaching mix.


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