Spinzilla Is No More

Thanks for the memories, Spinzilla!
Thanks for the memories, Spinzilla!

The news has been creeping out slowly, and if you’ve heard the rumor, it’s true. Spinzilla is no more.

For a variety of reasons The National Needlework Association has decided to discontinue Spinzilla.  Here’s the official announcement from TNNA.

I’ve participated many years, it’s always been fun to spin and just as fun to watch everyone else spin on the years I couldn’t squeeze it in. I do appreciate that TNNA recognized that it hasn’t been running as smoothly as it should.

What will you and your spinners do instead of Spinzilla?





How is your Tour de Fleece spinning going? There’s only a week left. If your enthusiasm is flagging, maybe you need some visual inspiration.  Instagram is my favorite place to look at all the amazing spins. I follow #tourdefleece2019 and #tourdefleece    Tell me what you are spinning for the TdF!


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2 thoughts on “Spinzilla Is No More

  1. bittenbyknittin

    Instead of Spinzilla or Tour de Fleece, you can do what I do: spin for a half hour or so, most days, then share your output on blog, on IG and/or FB, at guild, etc.

  2. Marni Schroeder

    I was really looking forward to Spinzilla and am hoping they will put together another event. I will continue to spin and set up some goals but to publicly own it always gave me a boost. I will miss the teams and friends connections this year.

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