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My Fiber Slush after teaching
My Fiber Slush after teaching

My favorite thing to do with fiber slush now is to wind it into .25 ounce balls, and use them to randomly blend colors at the wheel. I can’t get enough of those little babies. Originally posted in September 2018.

Fiber slush is what I call all of the leftovers from spinning, the bits or lengths of unspun fiber that I can’t bring myself to just throw away.

Using fiber slush is a great opportunity to just play with fiber. It’s not fiber I’ve bought with anything specific in mind, so what I use it for is to stretch my creative spinning and color muscles.

I use it to make batts. Fiber slush is the perfect stuff to make heathered or tweed batts.

I use it on my blending board. Small bits of special shiny fibers really stand out in rolags and mini batts.

I use it to make oddball yarns, just grab fiber randomly and spin. Have you peeked in a yarn shop lately? Mishmash or patchwork yarns are very popular, and all they are are randomly marled yarns.

I use it to practice techniques, art yarn techniques, or worsted lace weight, I’m more likely to practice when the fiber I’m using isn’t something I might be saving for a project.

I use it to think about color, complete with notes, tags and samples in baggies. I feel freer somehow combining colors when they are smaller bits, I see combinations differently. I draft colors together, combine in plies, or just make my own patterned yarn.

What do you do with your fiber slush?

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