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Hello, y’all!

We have some exciting news for you… a little change to how we do things at Knitty.

Jillian, Penny and Kate have been keeping the KnittyBlog updated and current for years. Years and years! This Blog has been home of Jillian’s brilliant spinning posts, Penny’s (and formerly Kate’s) WWW updates every Wednesday about fiber news on the web, and occasional posts about whatever I’m currently obsessed with (not always fiber related). We also used to run contests for all readers here.

knitty mailblog logoWell, starting this month (how the HECK did it become September already?), the KnittyBlog is being retired. Instead, our Knitty Patrons at every level will get that same content emailed to them monthly. We’re calling it the Knitty Mailblog, and they’ll get the first edition later this month.

Jillian will continue to write about spinning for knitters; Penny will keep us updated on the cool fiber-related things happening online; Kate may pop in to expand on her Wiseknit™ techniques video column topics; and I’ll continue to share my obsessions.

We’ll also be re-launching contests for Patrons Only on the Mailblog.

How can YOU get this great content in your inbox? It’s very easy. Become a Knitty Patron at any level. Levels start at Mellow, which is a mere $2 per issue (aka $8 per year). At the Tangy level ($5), you get early access to every new issue and physical rewards too, like our annual Knitty Patron sticker. The rewards only get bigger from there.

But to get access to the Mailblog, it’s only $2/issue.

Why are we making this change? Our Patrons are carrying the bulk of the weight of financial support for keeping Knitty alive and thriving. We need to keep our Patron population healthy in order to keep our level of funding consistent, and so adding extra goodies for those who are able to financially support us feels like the right thing to do.

We hope you’re able to join us as a Patron. If you aren’t, we send you love and our thanks for reading our words. And do not fear: Knitty will continue to be free for anyone to read and enjoy. That will not change. Our Patrons’ support is what makes that possible.


Amy, Jillian and Team Knitty

PS: Are you a Knitty Me.mber via You’ll get the Mailblog too! Thanks to Zapier for making this process easy!

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4 thoughts on “Changes @ The KnittyBlog

  1. DD

    I’ve just become a Patron, but I don’t want my name published on your list of patrons. Didn’t find a way to opt out of that!

  2. Andrea Grant

    Is this for patreon patrons only? I currently use to support knitty and don’t know if I need to switch to patreon!

  3. Amy

    I’m going to see if I can get the list from the membership site and add it as well. Stay tuned!

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