I’m back.

Amy wearing a mask that looks like a snowman's face
Amy Snowperson
Amy wearing a mask that looks like a snowman's face
Amy Snowperson (Singer, really. But I’m Snowperson when I wear this mask.)

Hi, all.

It’s Amy. Way back when, I started Knitty as a blogger. Here’s the oldest post I can find. It was just me talking to you. Over the years, I’ve had the most wonderful people helping with/taking over (bless them! I needed a break from the whole thing!) the blog. Massive shoutout to Jillian Moreno and Kate Atherley for their brilliance, humour and charm for many years. They published on a regular schedule and created such great content! It was a lot of work for them, maintaining this place. So we decided it was time to shut’er down.

With the world shut down as it has been over the last 10 months, I’ve had more time than usual. I missed writing as I discovered new things I was excited about, and that’s how I’ve always blogged. I used to write when I had something to say. Having to push out content on a schedule shut my brain down. So I’m gonna go back to what worked for me.

Hi. Watch this space.

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8 thoughts on “I’m back.

  1. Amy Snell

    Lovely, Amy. That’s as it should be. You expressed a lot of what I’ve been feeling since I started my blog (15 years late to the party, but whatever).

    Sometimes I post two days in a row and other times I don’t post for three weeks. But it feels more worthwhile when it’s genuine and not just, “I should put something out on the blog.”

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