This is the blog for Knitty magazine, which lives on the web at knitty.com.

Amy is the editor of Knitty. She’s also the publisher and founder of the magazine. In 2002, it came to her in a dream while sitting on her living room couch that she should start an online knitting magazine to feature the knitting talent she’d been seeing on blogs all over the world in one tidy, professional-looking website. And here we are 18 years later. Cool.

She loves ukuleles, rabbits [she lives with a harlequin rescue bunny named Rabbi Schmooley ben Timothy], things with pushable buttons, and stuff that’s shiny. She’s allergic to wool and sensitive to all animal fibers, so she’s the non-wool knitter in the Knitty crew. Amy taught on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean for almost a decade and now is enjoying staying put, saving her travelling for vacation-type relaxation. Two carpal tunnel surgeries in 2016 have finally paid off…she’s knitting again!

She lives in Hamilton, Ontario.