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How to get over the AAAGH MASTODON OVERLOAD hump and join a saner online community

I've moved my daily content to Mastodon. It's an independent place that's a federation of independent servers located all over the world. You can find me on Mastodon here: It's also got a bit of a learning curve, but I've been helping people find their way a little easier. If you'd like to try it out, here's how to get over the AAGH MASTODON OVERWHELM hump:

I’m back.

Amy wearing a mask that looks like a snowman's face
Hi, all. It’s Amy. Way back when, I started Knitty as a blogger. Here’s the oldest post I can find. It was just me talking to you. Over the years, I’ve had the most wonderful people helping with/taking over (bless them! I needed a break from the whole thing!) the blog. Massive shoutout to Jillian Moreno and Kate Atherley for their brilliance, humour and charm for many years. They published on a regular schedule and created such great content! It was a lot of work for them, maintaining this place. So we decided it was time to shut’er down. With the world shut down as it has been over the last ...

Changes @ The KnittyBlog

Hello, y’all! We have some exciting news for you… a little change to how we do things at Knitty. Jillian, Penny and Kate have been keeping the KnittyBlog updated and current for years. Years and years! This Blog has been home of Jillian’s brilliant spinning posts, Penny’s (and formerly Kate’s) WWW updates every Wednesday about fiber news on the web, and occasional posts about whatever I’m currently obsessed with (not always fiber related). We also used to run contests for all readers here. Well, starting this month (how the HECK did it become September already?), the KnittyBlog is ...

WWW: All Jillian all the time (Interweave backstory + Fruity Knitting Podcast)

Did you know our Jillian Moreno was a vital part of Interweave for many years? Learn more about her role, and about the legendary Linda Ligon in this fascinating portrait of a company we hope will continue into the future. Someone buy Interweave, please! In more Jillian news, we’re happy to share her appearance on the Fruity Knitting Podcast right here. She’s a super-smart spinner and a great teacher. Grab a beverage and watch. Last bit of Jillian news: if you’re lucky enough to be at MDSW this weekend, do some Jillian spotting. She’s teaching (looks like all her classes are full!), and she ...

A few minutes with Lisa Evans of Knitting & Yoga Adventures

Lisa Evans (left), a long-time Knitty advertiser, is the creative force behind Knitting & Yoga Adventures, a small business that offers Knitting Retreats in a variety of locations in the US. We asked Lisa to tell us more about her Retreats and the thought behind them. Q:  What made you decide to offer fiber and yoga adventures as a business? How long have you been doing these retreats? A: The idea of knitting retreats began many years ago when my own knitting group tried to join a local knit shop’s annual retreat to Monhegan Island, Maine, and there wasn’t room for us. Not to be thwarted, we organized ourselves ...

WWW: Why is Apple so freaking dumb; 10,000 new knitters!; time to get the tits out

I’ve got some wonderful photos from the very recent TNNA trade show to share with you. Of course, Apple keeps moving where they let us store our photos every time they do an operating system update (grrr) and I’m having a heck of a time consolidating them all. As soon as I get this octopus handled, I’ll post a link on the blog! Meanwhile, Skacel is very NOT dumb. They are clever. They’ve launched the 10,000 New Knitters drive, providing free kits of needles and yarn to LYSs (and those of us who can do) so we can teach others how to. Go forth and make new knitters! (And when you do, tell your ...

WWW: Politics impacts a small knitting business; WWKIP 2018; TNNA weekend!

A Canadian yarn shop whose owner did everything possible to abide by US law was rejected entry at the border for what appears to be an error. This has resulted in a huge financial hit and concerns that those who accompanied her will have trouble entering the US in the future. There seems to be no doubt that this is a result of the US government’s new trade legislation regarding Canadian imports. If you want to see (and maybe support) the yarn shop in question online, they’re here. I’m heading up to the Kawarthas later in the summer and will be sure to visit and see what I can do to help offset their ...

WWW: Crafting in space; knitting reduces stress (yes, we know); make a new friend in Philly

NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg explains how to quilt in space. — Seeker (@Seeker) May 29, 2018 Another potentially predictable piece about how knitting might (might? duh!) help reduce stress for students during exam time. Fun to see “knitflixing” in an article, though. And it goes on to cite specific examples that you can use to explain why you need to knit during meetings at work. Are you in Philly? Want a new friend? This woman wants to meet you.

WWW: Beautiful knitted wedding; knitting crochet stitches; stockings for a huge spider

This gorgeous wedding is full of knitted and yarny touches. Both the bride and groom can wear their special knitted pieces again and again! The lovely and talented Vickie Howell shows us how to knit crochet stitches. Wot? Well, we’re all about multicraftualism at Knitty…this is taking it up a level! An awesome and huge statue of a spider (not scary, though) has been intensely yarnbombed in Roppongi, Japan. It’s an especially fine example of yarnbombing, with the knitted pieces fitting the sculpture like custom-made striped stockings. Which, of course, they are.