Knitting happiness

Jillian and I were honored to chat with Lisa Cypers Kamen at Harvesting Happiness for the latest podcast! It was refreshing to talk to someone outside the knitting world and share our perspective on what we do every day. You can hear us for the first half hour. Then an interview with Wool and the Gang follows afterwards. Let us know what you think in the comments! (You can also find it on iTunes…)

Craftsy Flash Sale!

Want to learn a new crafty skill or brush up on something you love? Craftsy is having a Flash Sale this weekend – most of their classes, including ours, are 50% off! Feed your crafty brain!

Craftsy’s Cyber Monday Sale!

Craftsy’s sale is still going on! All fiber art classes are $19.99 or less, that includes a whole bunch by Knitty designers. I’ve already added a few new classes to my shopping cart. What will you buy?  

How to keep up with the companies you actually Like…Courtesy SpaceCadet Creations

Knitty readers are powerful. I linked to this awesome post on SpaceCadet Creations’ site and you guys took down their server. Sorry about that, SpaceCadet. Since SCC’s site is now out of commission for the next 72 hours, we thought it would be handy to repost the information here, where (hopefully) our server can handle the demand. I know so many of us are frustrated with the way Facebook shares information. This informative post will help you understand what the heck is going on and how you can actually follow the news from your favorite companies, like Knitty and SpaceCadet, on Facebook. Take it away, ...

Amy’s Plug+Play magic…finally revealed!

(Thank you to Jillian for letting me hog the blog today. I have a big announcement! And our darling Jillian has an awesome spinning post for you this Thursday. She’ll see you then!) You may have heard me talking about my Plug+Play method over the years. It’s my simple, friendly approach to designing with stitch patterns, and I’ve been teaching it all over the place since 2008…from a cruise ship filled with knitters in the Pacific to events like Vogue Knitting Live, Yarnover, the Glasgow School of Yarn and Yarndale, and at shops in the US, Canada, England, Scotland and Ireland! The P3 retreats, ...

Things that have made Amy’s life better, vol 1

Jillian wants me to learn how to write shorter blog posts. I expect she’s not the only one. So here goes…my first installment in a series of things that have made my life better (and hopefully will be helpful to at least one of you who reads this). Macintosh thing: Ever since updating to the Mountain Lion OS, I’ve had problems with my usually reliable Mac system freezing up in an un-force-quit-able way. Both times, the problem was one of the little handy apps that mostly sit in the background and I forgot were there. First it was the Gmail notifier. I had to disable that a year ago. When the ...

Templeton Square Contest Winners

We are thrilled to announce the winners of our Templeton Square contest! In our Spring & Summer issue, in his Stitches in Time column, Franklin Habit unearthed and updated a lovely counterpane square pattern, original published in Weldon’s Practical Knitter series. He proposed a contest: what could our knitters do with such a square? We had 51 entries, and the range of work was wonderful and surprising and gratifying.You can peek at all of the entries over here. We’re thrilled to announce the winners: Best in Show: Wrap by Asimina Saranti Asimini wins an original Franklin Habit illustration and 10 ...