What’s What Wednesdays

WWW: the science of cut resistance; Designtex + Stölzl & Anni Albers; resin knit ring

The science behind cut resistant gloves. Not only is the content and strength of the yarn important, but the structure of the yarn (a three-ply) is as well. All together these factors combine for a cut-resistant yarn. Please don’t expect this (yet) from the yarns you can find at your LYS. Designtex is making the creations of the Bauhaus weaving workshop commercially available. Works by both Gunta Stölzl and Anni Albers are featured in this Bauhaus Project. This resin ring by Isabell Kiefhaber is amazing.

www: tapestry art exhibit; magikarp go!; speech record update

Magdalena Abakanowicz, Abakan rouge, 1969, 4 x 4 x 4 m. Collection Tate, Londres. © Foundation Magdalena Marta Abakanowicz Kosmowska and Jan Kosmowski. Photographer : Stamm & Saxod, Lausanne.
Through October 6th, the Cité internationale de la tapisserie in Aubusson, France is presenting an international exhibition, Le Mur et l’Espace (The Wall and the Space) (website is in French). It is dedicated to the Biennials of Lausanne (Switzerland) of the 1960s. The Biennials were highly significant to 20th century tapestry art. This Magikarp Go! by @wildskitty was recently featured in Amy’s Instagram feed. This Pokémon Go hat is a clever mashup with the legendary Fish Hat designed by Thelma Egberts for our Win08 issue. See more photos at Ravelry. To have your Knitty projects featured on social media, ...

WWW: women’s work exhibit, AI knitting, and woolen Tulalip traditions

progression of gloves knitted from a MIT CSAIL program
The Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft (East Sussex, UK) has an exhibit on now through 13 October 2019, Women’s Work. It focuses on the work of craftswomen who turned their practice’s into successful businesses between the two World Wars. Learn more at ditchlingmuseumartcraft.org.uk Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (aka MIT CSAIL, Massachusetts, USA) have come up with a new approach to streamline the process: a new system and design tool for automating knitted garments, InverseKnit and CADKnit. Knitty design submissions for Winter are due 15 ...

WWW: MRI Makers; Double Knit Sleep; Shawl Sizing Considerations

Sueng Lee's first year sleep double knit blanket
Knitting raises thousands for Scottish MR scanner fundraising campaign and there’s still more to raise. You can learn about the group, MRI Makers at mrimaakers.com and the Shetland MRI Scanner Appeal. I’m fascinated by those who choose to turn data into knitting. Seung Lee chose to double knit his son’s first year of sleep patterns. Find out more on this twitter thread and his Ravelry project page. Xandy Peters (Ribbon Candy, Winter 2015) created a very useful visualization on sizing considerations for half-circular shawls.

WWW: Hello, Crochet Friends; BT Lives in the Stitch; Antiracism Symbol Design Challenge

book cover for hello, crochet friends!
Crochet prodigy, Jonah Larson‘s new book, Hello, Crochet Friends! is out now. You can find information about the book tour at this facebook page. BT Lives in the Stitch is an entry in the PBS Online Film Festival. Watch to learn about this after school program at North Lawndale College Prep, a high school located on the south side of Chicago (USA). [via Kay & Kate] While not knitting related, there are many creatives in other disciplines who read this space: Antiracism Symbol Design Challenge Protest art always has been instrumental to the struggle for a more socially just future. From the clenched Black ...

www: heavy metal knitting champs; tapestry interpretation; letterbox print from lego

photo of participants of the heavy metal knitting champtionship on stage
Finland’s Heavy Metal Knitting Championship was a success with the five-person Giga Body Metal team clinching the title. Mark your calendars, the organizers announced they plan to repeat the event next summer. A Handwoven Tapestry Invites Interpretation Between the Threads Victoria Manganiello and Julian Goldman’s “Computer 1.0” is an installation inspired by the Jacquard loom and computer programming. photo by Katherine Ryals, courtesy the Museum of Arts and Design. [via Liz] You can browse many interesting patterns via the Present & Correct blog. How might you interpret them into ...

WWW: Woolaid; Great London Yarn Crawl; Jaquard by Google

Woolaid: Merino Wool Bandages. ♥ (via Clara Parkes) This year’s Great London (UK) Yarn Crawl takes place on 1st – 8th September, 2019. It will take a different tactic: the week-long event will allow participants to choose their own routes and shop combinations, and to spread their visits over multiple days, extending the yarn-y celebration! Tickets are on sale now. Oma Space Studio, Chloe Bensahel, and Amor Muñoz have been selected to participate in the the Jacquard by Google and Google Arts & Culture residency program. Note it’s not a Jacquard loom, but Jacquard by Google, a new form of ...

WWW: Maureen Rose of Taylor’s Buttons; Dangerously Close to Weaving exhibit; Super/Natural: Textiles of the Andes Exhibit

Nazca Fragment, Andes
Meet Maureen Rose the woman who runs London’s oldest button shop, Taylor’s Buttons (London, UK). “Every button tells a story and I have no idea how many there are in the shop. Some are more than 100 years old, but most I make to order. You send me the fabric – velvet, leather or whatever – and I’ll make you whatever you want. We used to do only small orders for tailors: two fronts and eight cuff buttons for a suit. Nowadays I do them by the hundred.” Photo of Maureen Rose by Sarah Ainslie Dangerously Close to Weaving Is a Proud Celebration of Textile Art The all-women exhibition is on ...

WWW: some Craftivism links from the archives

The Feminist Power of Embroidery by E. Tammy Kim (Dec 29, 2018) The Politics of Knitting by Shannon Okey (Holiday 2018) Stitch by stitch, a brief history of knitting and activism by Corinne Segal (Apr 23, 2017) The Wartime Spies Who Used Knitting as an Espionage Tool Grandma was just making a sweater. Or was she? by Natalie Zarrelli (Jun 01, 2017) Many books have been written on the subject, here are a few: Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years – Women, Cloth, and Society in Early Times by Elizabeth Wayland Barbert (1995) Knitting for good : a guide to creating personal, social & political change, ...

WWW: where was that sweater knit; evolving tapestry; pattern sale

Woven item: Diedrick Brackens, unicorn kente, 2018.
That Iceland wool sweater may have been knit in China. Photo: Egill Bjarnason / AP (Via Clara Parkes) These Artists Are Changing our Expectations of What Tapestry Can Be Photo: Diedrick Brackens, unicorn kente, 2018. Donna Druchunas (Our Knitting Roots Columnist) is having her semi-annual sale. All her single patterns on Ravelry are only $1 through the end of the month. No coupon needed!