Yarn Roundtable

Closing the door on the Yarn Roundtable

Many years ago, we held the very first Knitty Yarn Roundtable at a yarn shop in Toronto (Alterknit). Soon after, it experienced some horrible luck with their building virtually collapsing around them and eventually closed. At that event, I met Jennifer Campbell. And a few years later, Jenn and her new business partner, Miko Schechter, opened what has become my second home, The Purple Purl on Queen Street East in Toronto. When we decided to resurrect the Yarn Roundtables, the Purl was the natural choice, and both Jenn and Miko have been the most amazing, supportive partners to work with. That was 5 years ago, a ...

Join us at a Yarn Roundtable!

We’ve just announced 4 [yes, four!] new Yarn Roundtable dates, for May, June, July and August! If you’re going to be coming to Toronto this summer, check out the dates and maybe you can join us…we’d love to have you! What’s a Yarn Roundtable? Think wine tasting, but with yarn. And prizes. And nibbles. And good company. All free. You can see the results of previous evenings in Knitty here, here and here. You want to come, don’t you? Well, sign up now, then!