Yarn Roundtable Info

The Purple Purl
The Purple Purl, home of Knitty’s Yarn Roundtable events — a friendly place to sit and knit for an evening [and they make a killer latte
Not every knitter is lucky enough to have a Local Yarn Store nearby. And of course, not every yarn shop can carry every yarn. The Knitty Yarn Roundtable was created to give knitters more information about yarn than just what’s on the ball band.

Once a month, up to 30 knitters gather in Toronto [the hometown of Knitty’s editor] at The Purple Purl to sample a variety of yarns of every possible description — from budget to super luxury.

Knitters bring their own needles and yarn companies of every size send in yarns they want our readers to try. Five different yarns from five different manufacturers are sampled at each event by all knitters present who provide their opinions on a standardized form. Yarn manufacturers vary from Etsy-based hand dyers, large companies and anything in between. As long as the yarn is available to be ordered through the internet, we want to test it!

The events are open to anyone who can attend. Want to come? Click here to see what dates are open for RSVPs. If everything’s full, subscribe to the RSS feed and you’ll find out when we announce a new set of dates.

Please choose ONE of the events available for your RSVP. We think it’s only fair to give as many people as possible a chance to join in the fun! And please do RSVP, but only if you are quite certain you will attend. Taking up a space just in case you can make it means someone else can’t go. We thank you in advance for playing nice.